February 15

Writing Reviews

There are many pages on the internet which offer advice about how to write reviews.

From my point of view, I try to apply the following guidelines:

librarian21. Write about the books you have enjoyed (if you can’t say something good… then pick another book.)

2. Try a catchy heading.

3. Think of ways you can hook the reader in – e.g. a quote or comment that links to your readership, or use a question or idea that has come to you from reading the book.

4. Make sure you include details about the title and the author’s name.

5. Find out a bit more about the author, or the inspiration for writing. Are there any any videos about the book, or interviews with the author?

7. Use a question or statement to make the reader think.


For other suggestions and guidelines, see these websites:

Inside a Dog

the Book Chook 

the Book Trust, UK


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