Guest review: Passing judgement?

I think I like Robert Newton more and more (When We were Two was already a great favourite of mine) as this novel takes me on a rollercoaster ride to dream fulfilment.

Ok, so the start is very shocking but the relationship that forms between Lexie, Davey and Mr Romanov is so heart-warming and challenging that you tend to forget the shocks at the start.

All three live in a rundown housing project in Melbourne and all three have their reasons for wanting to leave and chase their dream in Surfer’s Paradise.

I found the twists… not all that we hoped for will come true in exactly the way we wanted to be a very life-affirming message.

I also found the courage to look beyond first impressions and to appreciate what lies below very heartening.

Lexie, Davey and Mr Romanov will enthrall and captivate you as they journey together, avoid the police and deal with disappointments in their life-changing journey to their dreams. – Alex Balbi

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