Short and Scary

short_scaryWant to be a writer? Have you ever dreamed of having your stories published? What about being published alongside well-known authors like Carole Wilkinson, Shaun Tan, James Roy, Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton, James Moloney, Sally Odgers, Susanne Gervay or Gabrielle Wang? well, it can be done!

Just ask Ben, Jared, Joshua, Kelsey and Stewart. After lots of hard work, creating, pondering and editing, they were fortunate enough to have their stories and illustration included in the newly released ‘Short and Scary’ anthology, published by Black Dog Books this April.  They are now published authors!

‘Short and Scary’ is a collection of short stories, poems and illustrations designed to have you wondering, peeking carefully around the next corner, and wondering about all things creepy and chilling.

‘Short and Scary’ follows on from a previous book from Black Dog Books – ‘Short’, which also included stories from well known Australian childrens’ authors and contribtions from students. Authors for both books receive no royalties, which actually go to support Big Brothers Big Sisters , mentoring program – the honour for our students, of course, was being published in the same book as recognised authors!

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So please check it out from the school library – or buy your own copy from most book stores, to get it signed by our authors. You may have a momento of a famous author one day!