Reviews for Readers

reading-teddy.jpgThere are many places to find reviews on Young Adult literature, so we thought we would share a few with you. If there are any fabulous sites you come across, please pass them on in the comments section.

Inside a Dog? is a great site for current info. on YA fiction. It features reviews, first chapters of new releases, competitions and quizzes and each month or so there is an ‘author in residence’ who writes blog posts about their style of writing. There are also various audio downloads, so check it out some time soon.

YARA Online is dedicated to teenage/young adult readers and features reviews of novels written by Australian and overseas authors. Audio titles are also included and we have a section devoted to verse novels from around the world. You can add your comment or read those of other teen readers.

Fiction Focus provides a blog commenting on new YA fiction, as well as providing a link for YA authors’ websites.

Read Alert is another website dedicated to YA readers, with lots of breaking news items about the world of literature. You will find out about the latest award winners, authors in the news, and visits or workshops planned by authors, at both international and local levels.