Ranger’s Apprentice – The Ruins of Gorlan (review by Ysolde)

rangerAdventure, excitement and courage. This is what it takes to be a ranger. Will is plunged into a magical journey to learn how to be a ranger. I think that the storyline is great and the way this book is written is amazing.

At Redmont Castle, children from the “wards” are chosen to be apprentices. When Will is rejected from joining the battle school, he feels upset; but when the strange and mysterious ranger, who goes only by the name of Halt, decides to take him as his apprentice, Will learns that there’s more to being a ranger than meets the eye. Equipped with a bow, two small knives and a scruffy pony, Will sets out on an adventure to save Redmont castle from Morgarath and his minions.

I recommend this book to children around the age of 10 through to 18. If you are looking for an adventures and thrilling book, the Ruins of Gorlan is for you. The Ruins of Gorlan is an exciting story that proves that fate can take you to unexpected places but with amazing results.


N.B. This is the first book in the ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’ series by John Flanagan – a series about the adventures of Will and his friends from Castle Redmont; so there are several good tales to follow this one. (LW)

2 thoughts on “Ranger’s Apprentice – The Ruins of Gorlan (review by Ysolde)

  1. I Agree with you I own the book and I think it is good because there is puzzle in it so you need to read on to see how the puzzles get solved.

  2. I know Im so addicted to this book I am on book 6 in just 4 days!

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